Black & Decker Heritage Mouse Sander 55W 240V
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Black & Decker Heritage Mouse Sander 55W 240V

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  • The Black & Decker BEW230BCA Heritage Mouse Sander has a detailed base which is designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas. The tear drop shape of the base allows you to access tight corners. It has a rotatable base so you can rotate the paper as it wears, extending the life of the sanding paper. Quick fit sanding paper for faster sanding action and easier paper fitment.

  • The compact design gets you closer to the work surface giving you greater control. Fitted with rubber grips for comfort and a rocker switch for continual operation, hands can move freely. Ideal for removing paint, varnish, cleaning glass, rust and sanding in tight spaces.
  • Available in Kellys Homevalue Hardware Store Dublin 

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