Black & Decker Heritage 1/3 Sheet Sander 150W 240V
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Black & Decker Heritage 1/3 Sheet Sander 150W 240V

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  • The Black & Decker BEW220 Heritage 1/3 Sheet Sander has been designed to be a lightweight yet versatile sander. Ideal for a number of sanding tasks around the house, such as: sanding flat areas, such as doors, walls or tables, also removing paint, varnish or other surface coatings.

  • The 2 bi-material front and rear handles offer maximum comfort and control during the application. Fitting and removing the sanding paper is very easy with fitted paper clip attachment that holds the sheet in place without any slippage. The integrated dust extraction system is quick and easy to empty.
  • Available in Kellys Homevalue Hardware Store Dublin 

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