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Halogen Heater 1.2KW Sale
This Halogen Heater 1.2KW comes with three different heat settings 400W/800W/1200WIt can be eas..
NOW €12.95
Was €29.95
Save €17

Ex Tax: €10.53

Powerful long lasting mould killerCan be added to a wide range of products such as paint, timber sta..
Ex Tax: €17.85

Versatile Floor ProtectionCost Effective7.2 Spill DefenceAirtech Vapour CureLay Flat Technology ..
Ex Tax: €52.85

Simple guide for shielding the carpet when painting skirting boardsContains 1 no. 550mm Painteezy an..
Ex Tax: €8.09

Panda Recycling BagMax 1.25 tonne3ft x 3ft x 4ft highCollection Cost 65eur..
Ex Tax: €8.13

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