Faithfull 10W LED rechargeable WorkLight
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Faithfull 10W LED rechargeable WorkLight

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  • The Faithfull Power Plus Rechargeable SMD LED Work Light has been developed and designed primarily for tradesmen to use on the worksite or inside where there may be poor lighting, or no lighting at all. One of its biggest benefits is that it is compact and can be easily stored during transit, and won’t get in the way during use.

  • Its heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery is lightweight but powerful, providing from 3 to 12 hours of continuous light on one full charge. The power bank USB port will enable you to charge personal items such as MP3 players and even mobile phones with a compatible lead. This could provide extra peace of mind when working in remote areas.
  • It is supplied complete with both a mains USB charger and a car charger unit.

    Weatherproof to IP65 standard

  • Available in Kellys Homevalue Hardware Dublin


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