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Sealants & Adhesives

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Bostik Laybond Carpet Adhesive 15kg New

Bostik Laybond Carpet Adhesive 15kg

Bostik’s Laybond Carpet adhesive has excellent initial grab, helping to combat carpet curl on larger..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €52.85

Bostik Laybond Wood Adhesive 15kg

Synthetic Polymer Solvented AdhesiveSuits all types of wood flooringHigh Bond StrengthBonds Parquet ..

€74.55 Ex Tax: €60.61

Bostik MSP 106 290ml Clear

Universal versatile SM polymar productSolvent and isocyanate freeResistant to bad weather and UV ray..

€14.65 Ex Tax: €11.91

Bostik MSP 107 290ml White

High performance adhesive and sealantPolymer productStrong inital holdHighly flexibleWeatherproofWat..

€13.59 Ex Tax: €11.05

Bostik Paveseal 5L

Clear, drying, deep penetrating protection for concrete and brick pavingExcellent resistance to wate..

€55.01 Ex Tax: €44.72

Bostik Vitri-Flex 20kg Flexible Tile Adhesive White

Bostik Vitri-Flex 20kg Flexible Tile Adhesive WhiteRapid SetSuitable for use on walls and floors..

€18.59 Ex Tax: €15.11

Bostik Waterseal 5L

High performance waterproofer that penetrates deep below the surfaceForms water resistant barrier in..

€21.45 Ex Tax: €17.44

Evo-Stik 528 Instant Contact Adhesive 5lt

High Initial Grab AdhesiveShear StrengthGood Temperature ResistanceExcellent Final Bond StrengthLow ..

€59.54 Ex Tax: €48.41

Evo-Stik Foam Kit

This Evo-Stik Foam Kit comes with 5 cans of gun grade expanding foam and is a perfect sealant kitCur..

€79.95 Ex Tax: €65.00

Evo-Stik Gripfill Xtra 350ml

EVO-STIK has launched GRIPFILL XTRA, a new high strength, instant grip adhesive that will stick to a..

€3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44

Evo-Stik Plasterboard Adhesive Foam Gun Grade 750ml

Quick & Easy to Use Fast Curing For fixing Plasterboards / Insulation Boards / expande..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.15

Evostik Caulk Professional 380ml White

Water Based Fast Drying Acrylic CaulkFlexible Fine Crack Filler & SealantHigh Performance gap fi..

€3.95 Ex Tax: €3.21

EvoStik Expanding Foam Hand Held 500ml

Polyurethane basedSeals and insulatesExpands by 150%Over paintableFor large gaps and cracks Interior..

€5.20 Ex Tax: €4.23

EvoStik General Purpose Spray Adhesive 500ml

Solvented pressure sensitive aerosol adhesiveVariable setting nozzleRapid dryingExcellent initial gr..

€14.69 Ex Tax: €11.94

Evostik Gun-o-prene 350ml

Synthetic Rubber Resin AdhesiveInterior useBonds most building materialsHigh Performance gap filling..

€4.94 Ex Tax: €4.02