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Gyproc FireLine 12.5mm

Gyproc Fireline was introduced to the market as drywall or plaster board that gives added protection..

€15.92 Ex Tax: €12.94

Gyproc Joint Filler - 25kg

Gyproc Joint Filler is a gypsum based product used for setting material and secondary filling of pla..

€30.53 Ex Tax: €24.82

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Gyproc moisture resistant plasterboard is made from gypsum and has an added water repellent additive..

€18.36 Ex Tax: €14.93

Gyproc Skimcoat - 25kg

Gyproc skimcoat is a versatile finish coat plaster specifically designed to leave a sleek, high-qual..

€12.60 Ex Tax: €10.24

Gyproc WallBoard Duplex 12.5mm

Gyproc WallBoard Duplex 12.5mm or sometimes referred to as Gyproc drywall or plasterboard is used wh..